Scraping Spreadsheet function – Documentation

Pre-Sales questions

What is ScrapMe for Google Spreadsheet?

Why ScrapMe is really better than a standard scraping tool?

–> IP rotation, User-agent rotation, header rotation, cookies, etc

How to install the ScrapMe function in Google Spreasheet?

How can I get a full access to this ScrapMe function?

Post-Sales questions

How can I start to use this Spreadsheet function?

What is Xpath? How can I get and use it?

Do you have useful tips to scrap anything I want


Do you have some tips to get quickly a list of URLs?

How is counted the number of scraped URLs when using ScrapMe?

–> 1 credit by URL every 7 days. If exactly the same URL already scraped, it’s not counted.

How can I check the remaining monthly credit?

Simply copy/paste your token here to display the remaining credit: 

How can I avoid to re-scrap some data I have already scraped?

–> Copy the results and Paste « value only ». It will ensure to save the data.

Once the ScrapMe Spreadsheet function is installed, you can use it as a Spreadsheet function.

To scrap data from a website, give a URL and Xpath like this example:


This function will analyze each url to get and return the data inside your Google Spreadsheet project.

You must get your personal token to use it (please get it on

Please respect guidelines of every website before scraping their data.